About Us

Our team was founded in 2005 (that time Tanagra Racing Team) with the mission of build biggest motorsport center for our customers to make all needed parts,equipment and services in one place. All those years we were gathering experience about motorsport products and all innovations in motorsport industry.


Tanagra Racing Team was participating in many international races and competitions including:
– Porsche SuperCup
– Porsche CarreraCup
– VLN endurance Championship in Nurburgring
– 24H Nurburgring
– 24H Dubai
– Radical World Cup
– ADAC GT Masters and other GT Championships.


We had many good results in racing – overall winner 24H race in Dubai, many victories and podiums in VLN Championship in Nordschleife, victories in Radical Cup…


Numerous Championships and continued racing experience has leaded the ongoing development and improved standards in our team.


From 2012 our company has started new direction – 4×4 vehicle modifications and building off-road prototype buggies. Our custom off-road projects are fully designed and fully build by our engineers and specialists. We also do preparation of 4×4 vehicles for overland expeditions and off-road competitions.


Nowadays we are offering our services and experience to our customers and their vehicles.